A website is not just a website - it is an employee that is awake at midnight, still providing answers to your customers queries.




Digitol is here to make sure that your website is working to the best of its ability for you

Your website never sleeps. It is the hardest working asset you have working for your business. Assuming of course it is working hard for you and giving its visitors the right kinds of information. 


We provide business owners
with useful, data driven reports that can be used
to make better business decisions.

Better business decisions mean:

  • etting more customers which ultimately means boosting your sales
  • Understanding your return on investment in things like directory listings, promotions, local area marketing etc
  • Understanding exactly what your customers are interested in so that you can create more value for them and your business
  • Strengthen the online presence of your brand so that your customers can find you easily
  • Understand how your customers are finding your website; by understanding this you will know what your most valuable channels are, whether that be Facebook or Instagram etc
  • Know if your customers are finding useful information on your website
  • Understand your industry and the search terms your customers are using

Digitol's aim is to empower business owners to understand the digital side of their business



That is why we created Digitol

  • trustworthy & experienced - with many years & many success stories under our belts you can be assured that you are in good hands
  • we explain everything to you! If you don't understand something, call your dedicated digital specialist for a full overview
  • bottom line is your bottom line. Understand the money you put in to your business and the money that comes out with our useful DIGITOL reports

To be doing well in the land of the digital you either have to employ a digital marketing specialist [you'll need to put around $80k per year aside for this option], consult with a digital marketing agency knowing that it is hard to find a reputable company that can explain what they are doing month on month, and how they are providing value to your company - are you making a return on your investment is ultimately what it comes down too, or the final option would be to spend valuable time away from your business learning the never-ending landscape of digital [how much is your time worth?]. 





            The Data

            Fresh from your website

            We take into account your business goals, implement growth strategies and measure your performance. This highly personalised approach means that you get the most out of our service. Our digital marketing specialists are equipped to translate your data and metrics for you, so that you can make logical business decisions that is based on real facts, no hunches!

            The Reports

            Easy to Understand

            We will never use digital jargon. This means you will understand every word in your digital reports, every word that comes out of our mouths and how this all reflects on your business choices and outcomes. We are not only highly skilled digital marketing specialists, but also translators - from Digital speak to English. 

            SEO for small business

            Our Specialists

            HIghly Skilled, Highly Relatable

            We are the people you can trust first and foremost. Our highly skilled team have been in the digital game for some time. One thing we quickly noticed was that people in other parts of the organisation couldn't understand what the hell we were talking about - conversions, impressions, CTR, CRO, CPC, SEM. Quickly we realised how bad this was for business decisions! That is why we have redefined the way we talk and the reports we provide people. We want you to know your business better than anyone, so that you can be successful. 

            Our Philosophy

            The Digitol Way

            Our philosophy is to empower small business owners to make better business decisions with qualified information. It is hard being everything in the business, we understand that. It is also expensive when it comes to outsourcing or hiring. That is why we have worked hard to create an affordable and effective solution for better business operations. No matter what stage of business you are at, we have a solution that can be tailored to your needs.